Maryland Homes For Sale

The Seller/Buyer Service Plan




  • Assist in determining Fair Market Value by reviewing market demand, seasonality of sales, location and many other variables, which often alter your home's value.
  • Suggest ways to improve salability based on Fair Market Value.
  • Locate qualified buyers through the local and national multiple listing services, computer and print advertising, local and national referral relocation service, direct mail and phone contacts.
  • Keep the seller informed.
  • Highlight showings by illustrating the best features.
  • Present an objective, third party viewpoint.
  • Qualify and counsel serious buyers toward a decision. Buyers need answers to countless questions, not only on your property, but on technical matters - financing, payments, insurance and title work. As your REALTOR, Joanne will have the answers, make detailed arrangements for financing and serve the buyer in dozens of ways to make it easy for him/her to complete the sale of your home.
  • Keep up to date with the best financing available.
  • Synchronize buyer/seller transactions.
  • Assist with all the steps involved with the closing.
  • Handle any and all complications that occur through this process...from before the contract to after the closing.
  • Arrange to relocate sellers when applicable and take advantage of the Marketing Services division, to accomplish this goal.
  • Work full time - ALL THE TIME - for the seller.


  • Qualify the buyer for Conventional, FHA, VA and other special financing to determine the maximum mortgage a lender will allow the buyer to handle and find the payment the buyer will be comfortable with. Thus, you are able to find the best home in the shortest time.
  • Determine the needs and preferences of a home for the buyer by conversations and actual showings.Locate homes available in the style, price, and location for the buyers to preview through the use of the multiple listing service, company listings and through agents working for other real estate companies.
  • Help to determine the most economical type of financing for the buyer's particular situation.
  • Assist the buyer in making a decision and prepare the contract offer to be presented to the seller.
  • Help you and the sellers come to terms that satisfy both of you.
  • Negotiate fairly, differences you and the sellers have about your offer, presenting an objective, third-party viewpoint.
  • Keep you up to date with the best financing available.
  • Help you arrange financing specifically tailored to your needs.
  • Handle any and all complications that occur through the buying process...from before the contract to after settlement; thus, eliminating possible barriers for you.
  • Help you and the seller arrange the settlement or closing and help to synchronize buyer/seller transactions.
  • Check back with you periodically to make sure you're satisfied with your home.
  • Work full time - ALL THE TIME - to find the home of your expectations.
Joanne Baker-Pruner